Friday, 29 March 2013

Nan0hail 1.1.1 Download

This is an update for Nan0hail fixing the following issues from Nan0hail v1.1
- Fixes error when opening the tweak development and backup/restore
- Fixes bug when you are able to restore from nothing
- Makes error 8746(building an unsaved tweak) fixable and more clear to the user
- Nan0hail now stays on the center of you screen!
- Fixes bug when being able to maximize the backup/restore form and the Nano Revive form
- Fixes bug in advanced edit mode where if Nan0hail can't find a certain file, an error message keeps popping up, and forcing the user to close the program
- Fixes bug in backing up iPod where it doesn't say "Backing up..."
- Fixes bug where you can change some of the tweak code while debugging

Download link:
PC: Download
Mac: N/A
Linux: N/A

Only for iPod Nano 6G running 1.2.
Use Nan0hail at own risk!


  1. Still no custom wallpaper, clockfaces, and other..??

    1. Who said i was working on custom wallpaper, clockfaces, and other.....?

  2. No one said but we all expcect that, and the screen timeout to unlimited.

    1. Alright then, ill be looking into custom wallpapers and stuff like that again, but don't expect it to be coming out, i may not be able to find custom wallpapers, but i will be trying

    2. i was reading the apple forums and saw that you were trying to get in touch with someone who knows how to put videos on the ipod nano.
      Did that work out or no?

  3. You are the man! ;)
    We hope the best for you!

  4. hey,
    i am a hacker as well, i have tried to hack the ipod nano's firmware but to no avail. What do you use to add/ take away files??

  5. Hi, I have one Ipod 6th and I want to know if your code is on GITHUB or another system for read and collaborate.

    Thanks, excellent job

  6. No it is not on GITHUB or anything, but ill do it for Nan0hail 1.2 on GITHUB