Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nan0hail v1.0.0.1 bugs

There has been more bug reports on this new update. Thanks for informing me. I will try to fix all the bugs. Please be patient as I fix them all. v1.0.0.2 will have a fix to most/all bugs.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nan0hail Update v1.0.0.1

Nan0hail has its first update! This fixes the bug that doesn't find the iPod Nano 6G and adds a new feature to edit mode called Simple Mode. Simple Mode is a easy fast way to use Edit Mode. When ever version comes out, Simple Mode will add alot more stuff! To update, you can download the lastest version. The update by clicking the Check for Updates doesn't work right now. To make sure you are on the lastest version, the main menu should say v . Also, you will know the difference on start up.
If Google Chrome Says download appears malicious, just download using another internet browser (eg. Internet Explorer). And also, this program has no viruses what so ever. To even prove it, u can comment saying if does or doesn't.

**NOTE** This is only for iPod Nano 6G running version 1.2 PC (latest version)

Download Links:
Windows: Taken Down
Mac: N/A
Linux: N/A

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Nan0hail Bug Warning!

There is a bug in the Nan0hail program that I have found. This bug is that it always says disconnected. The future version will fix this bug but in the mean time, make sure that your iPod is the F: drive on your computer. Also, try unplugging all USB's and then try using Nan0hail then. Sorry for this error.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Nan0hail Update Notes (In development, comming soon)

Nan0hail will have a update soon with bug fixes and a total new edit mode that anybody can use! I will post the download link when it is done, or you can update it through the program itself. Remeber, if you have a problem with Nan0hail, or questions, email me at and I will be glad to help you out. Thank you!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nan0hail Download Links (iPod Nano 6G Jailbreak/Hack)

Nan0hail is now out! You can download it by clicking the link below.

Windows: Taken Down
Mac: N/A
Linux: N/A

Remember!!! This is ONLY for version 1.2 PC !!! (You can try on other versions, but it may not work. I only tested on 1.2 PC)

If there are any issues/questions, comment on this blog or email me at : .

Nan0hail Release Date ( Very soon )

Nan0hail will be released very shortly today (in a hour or two) so stay tuned for the download link. The program will be for windows only as there will be no plans for a mac version. If alot of request ask for a mac version, I might consider making one.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nan0hail jailbreak : iPod Nano 6G (or hack)

There has been people trying to find a jailbreak for there iPod nano 6G. I was one of those people a while back. I found out that there was nothing, especially for 1.2 . Well I have developed a jailbreak for the iPod 6G touch running ONLY 1.2 (newest version). This doesn't add cydia (doesn't support wifi on device), but it does exactly what James Whelton did on his iPod on version 1.0, which was then latter patched. The jailbreak program also addes a easy way to edit settings, duplicate and delete apps. This may not be too big, but the big part is that this jailbreak allow hackers to develop tweaks and maybe apps for the iPod, and have it successfully added on without the iPod removing it at instant which it automatically does. I guess this is actually considered a hack(I may change name later on program) Like James Whelton said, "  The springboard hack is just the removal of a app and creation of a blank space. Not that amazing, but whats important is the bypass of Nano’s cache comparison, which compares any modded SB file and reverts it if it doesn’t like it, this opens up the possibility of hacking and modding, while not adding bootloaders or any of that fun stuff. " , this could enable people to make apps. If anyone is interested in making a tweek/app, email me ( and i could help and intagrated it in the next version of the jailbreak.
This jailbreak is called, "Nan0hail", and jailbreaking only takes a couple of seconds. The hack will come out very soon. I will keep in touch and post another blog about the release date.