Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nan0hail Update v1.0.0.1

Nan0hail has its first update! This fixes the bug that doesn't find the iPod Nano 6G and adds a new feature to edit mode called Simple Mode. Simple Mode is a easy fast way to use Edit Mode. When ever version comes out, Simple Mode will add alot more stuff! To update, you can download the lastest version. The update by clicking the Check for Updates doesn't work right now. To make sure you are on the lastest version, the main menu should say v . Also, you will know the difference on start up.
If Google Chrome Says download appears malicious, just download using another internet browser (eg. Internet Explorer). And also, this program has no viruses what so ever. To even prove it, u can comment saying if does or doesn't.

**NOTE** This is only for iPod Nano 6G running version 1.2 PC (latest version)

Download Links:
Windows: Taken Down
Mac: N/A
Linux: N/A


  1. hi DestinyBox , In your program I have come across three errors:

    Error, cannot locate Configinfo
    Error, cannot locate UISS
    Error, cannot locate settings.

  2. Your iPod 6G must be running version 1.2, this is why you are receiving this error.

  3. On mine ipod the insertion 1.2 is established, I reinstalled it many times, downloaded with оффициальных and other sources, and the same result - three errors

  4. I do Jailbreak on pure ipod, the problem can in it, I can't understand

  5. I jailbreaked my ipod (1.2PC), but nan0hail says my ipod was not jailbroken....

  6. And I have an error

    - Error, cannot locate UISS -