Friday, 3 August 2012

Nan0hail News

Okay so will come out, with new stuff, but not anytime soon. In like a month or two. Only cause I don't have my nano with me now :P But I am still working on nan0hail as much as I can without the nano.


  1. Septembar 12 will roll out new update from apple for our nano.. For more informations you can get me on

  2. YESSSSS thank you so much !!!!

  3. Thanks - i hope to see more on my nano...

  4. and on septembar 12 apple anonuced new ipod nano 7th generation.. :) will there be an update or jailbreak/hack for nano 6g?? :9

  5. Hi. Do you think it would be possible to alter the pedometer/acceleration defaut saving optins of the 6th gen nano?
    It is by far the best wrist accelerometer. If I could have access to some raw acceleration data, that would be a HUGE help for my research.
    Do you think it would be possible?

    1. If you go into the nano files, then enable hidden files, go into these folders... iPod_controll/Device/Trainer

      This is where the Nike app stores its data :) (Although as this is a reply almost a year after you asked, you probably allready found a way :)

  6. Awesome! I'm so Excited for future updates of nan0hail!

  7. Any news about Nan0hail And, do you think you'll be able to activate video on iPod 6G using 7G iPod's firmware?