Sunday, 27 May 2012


Well, ill maybe get back to this if i can team up with people that has experiences with hacking, AND familiar with the iPod Nano 6G. Someone who is advanced with all this stuff, not a beginner, and someone who will be dedicated. So if I can create a team (kinda like the chronic dev team) then i can get back on to this, and make nan0hail even better then ever. You will be apart of nan0hail, and will be included in the creadits (if you get in).

So if you have experience with hacking, and the nano 6g, and you are advanced, and you want to join the team, email me :

How the email should look like:
1. Tell me that you want to join the team for hacking for the nano.
2. Tell me your experiences with hacking.
3. Tell me if you have any experience with Nano 6G hacking
4. Tell me if you have knowledge with code, and tell me the language you know.
5. And tell me a short bio of yourself if you want
6. Also, tell me why you want to be a part of nano hacking.

If I approve, I will then give you an email of a small project to do, to prove if you can join.
I will give you more info when you email me.

Ill try to read every email.

Thanks :)


  1. wow...i want do... but i can't speak english and middle school 3years old

  2. Thats quiet good. If i would have any experience in hacking, i would join. :/

    Regards Andy