Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nan0hail news

I haven't been working on lately,  but when it comes out, it will probably be the final version until I or someone gets a way to add video, or custom wallpaper. Also, if a new update for the nano comes out, ill try to update nan0hail to support the new version (only if 1.3 comes out), and if a iPod 7g comes out, ill work on it.
Btw, im working on another hack(not nan0hail) for a completely different device with the help with a friend js...


  1. Can anyone make a hack for this thing so as I can use headphones other than Apple ones?
    I got my 6G Nano when Apple did the battery recall in exchange for a broken one I had in the kitchen draw for months! When Apple sent the 6G they did not send headphones and as soon as the screen goes dim the music stops playing. From what I can tell this is due to an update in the 1.1 firmware that pauses the Nano if it doesn't detect a headset plugged in.
    I don't really want to fork out £40 on a pair of overpriced Apple headphones because Apple say I HAVE to use them to use my iPod. Not when I have some nice Sony ones I'd rather use anyway.

    Phill Thorne.

  2. Hey there... Greetings!
    I'm new to iPod... I wish to ask what's the purpose of 'jailbreaking' an iPod? Any awesome feature to add in??

    Pls advise =)

  3. Hi,
    I have a nano mac version.I have 2 questions...
    1) is possible to have the jailbreak for a mac computer??
    2) or is it possible to do the jailbreak on a windows computer and after use it on a mac?

    Please answer me..,


  4. Just to let anyone reading this, I'm in contact with "thedestinybox" and we're working on an iPod Nano 7th Generation Hack. Btw my name is "neverfa11ing".

  5. Any idea on if this has been released?